“A psycho-thriller roller coaster ride...
I love it!  Bravo!”

NANCY GRACE, Host of Crime Stories, and NYT Bestselling Author

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About Wendy

Wendy Whitman has a unique background through her decades-long work as an executive and producer for Court TV and HLN, covering almost every major high-profile murder case in America. Through her knowledge of the most detailed aspects of the crimes, Ms. Whitman has become an expert on the subject of murder in America. Before attending Boston University School of Law, Whitman worked for comedians Lily Tomlin and George Carlin. After graduating from law school, the author embarked on what turned out to be a twenty-year career in television covering crime.

About Premonition

Cary Mackin is a TV journalist who has covered crime for nearly twenty years. After losing her job she moves to a small town in Connecticut—only to get caught up in the web of a deranged serial killer. Cary has a dark secret that drives everything she does: a deep-seated, lifelong fear that one day she will be murdered. As the madman Cary stumbled upon continues to terrorize the beautiful countryside where she now resides, will her premonition come true?

About Retribution, Book 2

After the shattering conclusion of Cary’s quest for justice for the victims of a suspected serial killer in Premonition, Retribution picks up with her cohorts continuing their own investigation to hunt down the person responsible for the heinous murders. The man the media has dubbed the “Deer Killer” continues to haunt bucolic Connecticut—but now, his true agenda has been revealed.

Praise for Wendy's Work

“Chilling and original, Premonition is a brilliant debut thriller from Wendy Whitman, an insider whose deep knowledge of crime and the law has created a platform for suspenseful storytelling.”

—Jack Ford, Emmy and Peabody Award–Winning Journalist and Bestselling Author of Chariot on the Mountain

“A bold, heartfelt debut novel from an author who has created one of the most complex and provocative heroines in recent memory. A perfect read sure to keep you up at night.”

—Rita Cosby, Emmy-Winning TV Host and Bestselling Author of Quiet Hero

“The decades of Wendy Whitman’s focus and dedication to the crime and justice genre shine through each page, as she spins the yarn in this gripping crime tale.”

—Ashleigh Banfield, Anchor of "Banfield" on NewsNation

“…a truly breathless thriller through every twist and turn. A stellar debut novel with a terrific female heroine!”

—Rikki Klieman, Attorney and CBS News Legal Analyst

“If there is anyone best suited to write a book about the reality of evil in this crazy world we live in, it's Whitman...[her] novel captures all aspects of the utter insanity of the criminal mind.”

—Gerald P. Boyle, Attorney,
Represented Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

“If you want a totally engrossing novel, written by a true insider of crime TV — read this book. You'll come away hoping Wendy is writing a sequel.”

—Diane Dimond, Journalist, Author, and Syndicated Columnist


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